Downright Filthy Pitching Book 2


The Hitter’s Attention Theory is the second book in the Downright Filthy Pitching Series highlighting the science of Effective Velocity



Downright Filthy Pitching Book 2 – Hitters’ Attention is the second book of the Downright Filthy Pitching Series, describing the incredible discovery of the science of Effective Velocity.

Every hitter that ever stepped into a batters box is limited by the human condition. A fastball at the Major League level at 95 MPH travels to home plate in under .395 seconds. The average MLB hitter takes about 1/3 of that time or about .13 to .15 seconds to swing the bat, leaving only .267 seconds to see, identify the direction, identify the spin, which leads to identifying the pitch type, which leads to identifying the true reactionary speed of the pitch and finally to the decision to swing or not. When you factor in the time it takes for the brain to process the 2-5 possible pitch choices it could be, needless to say hitters are at a massive disadvantage.
Couple all of this with the fact that Ev efficient pitchers hide the identity of pitches even further by what they learned in Book 1 about Ev Tunnels. This refers to the fastball and the off speed pitches being in the same vertical and horizontal planes for 1/3 to 1/2 of the way to the plate. It is all but impossible for hitters to accomplish all of this and maintain their optimum swing mechanics. Of course hitters can ‘make contact’ with elite offerings but their production goes down dramatically.
After testing hitter’s reactionary abilities for many years, Inside Edge, the first data collection service for MLB teams, opened their database to see if the same things were happening at the highest levels. The statistics backed the findings in the reactionary tests at every point. Hitters’ Attention is very real and very misunderstood. Let’s shed some light on that subject and ‘Get Downright Filthy’.

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