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What is Effective Velocity?

Effective Velocity is a proven baseball training method using patented metrics for pitcher deception & timing that applies to both pitchers and hitters in baseball and softball, measured results at every level. World Series champions, Cy Young winner, NCAA champs in both baseball and softball, American League home run champ, MLB Exit Velocity champ and many other winning accomplishments have given Effective Velocity baseball training credit for adding the finishing touches to their game.

Ev baseball training for pitchers in both baseball and softball is the single biggest advancement in the game.  Ev introduced the world to Ev Pitch Tunnels and virtually every ‘pitcher deception’ metric.  If you are not using an Ev-centric pitching approach, you are simply flipping a coin as to results.  Just slightly over 10% of all hard contact in the 2017 Postseason happened on Ev Efficient Pitch Sequences.  In other words, 90% of all hard contact is avoidable by simply understanding how timing works.

Baseball training (and softball) for hitters is about 3 things:

  • Swing Efficiency – Designing your ‘A’ Swing – Level 1 Time Training
  • Pitch Recognition & Timing Training – learning to train the mind/body together to better time pitches – Level 2 Time Training
  • Advanced Game Strategy – Level 3 Advanced Time Training


EV is the 'Art' of learning to pitch. Multiple levels of deception, command, pitch movement and the only true science based method of pitch calling.



Dr Tom House – Founder NPA
“He knows how to pitch.  Those 5 words are the ultimate compliment to the art of pitching.”

Drew Thomas – Pitching Coach – Coastal Carolina University – 2016 NCAA Champs
“Just wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you for what you do!!  Taking that online EV class and really getting the kids to buy in to what we were doing with that individually was hugely instrumental with us becoming NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!  We lived and died by it all year and I can’t thank you enough for being the godfather of EV! Really appreciate your desire to make the game better for the right reasons.  EV+INTENT=DREAMS….. Thanks!”

Brent Strom – Pitching Coach – 2017 World Series Champions – Houston Astros
“As pitching coach of the 2017 World Series Champion Astros much goes into the process of working a plan to get major league hitters out. As such, one of my main go to references is Effective Velocity (EV) designed by Perry Husband. The teams that realize there is more than just a pitchers “stuff or velocity” in having a successful pitching staff EV helps give a blueprint or plan to win the pitcher hitter confrontation. The research and time he has put into this endeavor can’t be quantified. We as pitching coaches are the recipients of his ground breaking work. For that I personally am grateful. Thanks Perry…”

Tim Hyers – Hitting Coach – Boston Red Sox
“Effective Velocity is a game changerPerry Husband has spent countless hours researching to help pitchers and hitters understand the true value of pitch speed and timing. No one explains the ‘true reactionary’ speed of a pitch better than Perry.  Being on-time to the pitch is vital to a hitter and that is why I use Effective Velocity concepts every day when game planning for my hitters.”

Kelly Inouye-Perez – Head Coach – UCLA Softball
“Talking with Perry is an enjoyable learning experience every time.  Effective Velocity is a higher level approach that allows pitchers to mix speeds effectively according to their strengths.  He also has great drills to teach hitters to go hunting for pitches rather than just reacting.  I respect how all his philosophies are backed by studies he’s done with MLB players to high school players.”

Melyssa Lombardi – Former Associate Head Coach – University of Oklahoma – Current Head Coach University of Oregon
“One of the best things I have done as a coach was read “Downright Filthy”. Effective Velocity has challenged me and changed my way of thinking as a pitching coach. It has given our staff the ability to create tunnels, distort a hitter’s timing and minimize at-risk pitches. Through Perry Husband’s research we have the ability to increase and decrease a hitter’s reaction time by simply using the entire strike zone. EV has given our staff confidence to execute our game plans all season and win our third national championship. Thank you Perry for your guidance and support. #Ev-Mindset”


Online Baseball Training - Softball Training & Remote Analysis

Online Training

Ev Hitting Training invented the concept of using swing data to diagnose swing efficiency.  Our training features the most comprehensive analysis in hitting.  We will test your swing for swing efficiency on multiple levels as well as test your Reactionary Quickness ability.  These RQ tests give us insight into the customized game plans that best suit you.

Level 1, you will receive a complete video analysis along with a customized workout to fit your individual needs as a hitter.  When you graduate from ‘Swing School’, it is time to learn to hit.  Level 2 takes you through drills to help identify pitches earlier and time pitches better.  The term 100/100 is about syncing your ‘A’ Swing with 100% on time contact.

Level 3 or the Advanced Time Training protocols take you into the world of mindsets of the elite hitters.  This is the same programs that Tim Hyers, Boston Red Sox hitting coach, implement every day.  You can only design the best game plans when you understand every nuance of who you are hunting.  Pitchers can only truly be understood with an understanding of Effective Velocity.  The Ev Microscope sees every aspect of pitch deception, because we discovered the science behind it.  If you are not training with Ev Hitting, you simply do not have the best mindsets to attack elite pitchers.

The ‘Back-to-Back’ National Champs, University of Oklahoma, implements Time Training in their approach as well as UCLA, two of the most potent offensive teams in softball.  Rachel Garcia, ‘Player of the Year’,  is a ‘Hunter’ from this school of thought.  Keep in mind, you are either ‘Hunting’ or you are being ‘Hunted’.