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Effective Velocity Hitting Training

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Effective Velocity is a game changer.  Perry Husband has spent countless hours researching to help pitchers and hitters understand the true value of pitch speed and timing. No one explains the ‘true reactionary’ speed of a pitch better than Perry.  Being on-time to the pitch is vital to a hitter and that is why I use Effective Velocity concepts every day when game planning for my hitters.”

Tim Hyers – Head Hitting Coach Boston Red Sox


Effective Velocity Hitting Training is called Time Training.  The single most important element of hitting is TIMING and it is the least understood.  Not only is timing difficult to understand, it is also tough to practice, until now.  Time Training is just that, learning to train Timing.  Teaching the mind to understand ‘actual reactionary speeds’ and how to identify pitches earlier and more accurately.

  • Level 1 Time Training – Swing Efficiency
  • Level 2 Time Training – Pitch Recognition & Timing
  • Level 3 Time Training – Advanced Mindsets for Hitters or Game Planning

Swing mechanics (Level 1) are not just about better bat speed, they are also key to timing.  The better the physical mechanics, the larger margin for error you have in timing pitches.  Before moving on to Level 2, it is important to make sure you ‘Graduate Swing School’ first.

Effective Velocity (Ev) Hitting Training is a direct result of the most important discovery of modern baseball, Ev.  Ev or ‘Location Adjusted Speed’ and Ev Tunnels are two ways that pitchers deceive hitters and throw off their timing.  Level 2 teaches you how to practice timing.

Level 3 is advanced game planning, learning to profile pitchers and make the best possible game plan to fit the pitcher.  There is not one approach that fits all pitcher types.  You will learn your hitter type and how to match that to every pitcher type for the best possible game plans. 

Effective Velocity Baseball Hitting Program - Time Training, the hitting training protocols that introduced the world of baseball and softball to virtually every modern hitting metric. Exit Velocity - Launch Angle - Pitch Recognition - Timing - Reactionary Quickness - Plyometric Hitting Training and many, many more innovative firsts were a result of the research and testing of Effective Velocity.