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Effective Velocity pitching training is proven at the MLB level and being used by multiple pitching coaches as well as pitchers at every level of professional baseball.  There is a long list of elements involved in training pitchers at the highest levels and none more important than Effective Velocity.  “It isn’t about ‘Better Stuff’, it is about ‘Using Your Stuff Better’ ” Carlos Pena, MLB Now guest host. 

Timing is everything in hitting and Effective Velocity Pitcher Deception is the absolute key to upsetting that timing.  There are over 70 points of Pitcher Deception in the Effective Velocity Pitcher Rating, so if you only know about Ev Pitch Tunnels, you have a lot more to learn.  There are 4 books in the Downright Filthy Pitching series, introducing pitchers and coaches to the ‘Art of Deception’.  Getting Filthy, the 4th book in the series also comes with an online video course for a limited time. 

Online Video Courses
“I took the Advanced Ev Online Course and it helped my guys buy in more and ultimately win the National Championship.  EV + INTENT = DREAMS.”  Drew Thomas, pitching coach 2016 National Champ Coastal Carolina baseball. 

Video is a powerful tool to help you understand the concepts of implementing Effective Velocity into your game or program.     

Ev Predictions of 2017 Postseason by Carlos Pena on MLB Now

Ev Metrics Hard Contact

Effective Velocity Pitching Video Training

Effective Velocity Pitching is responsible for virtually every modern metric of ‘Pitcher Deception’.  “Hitting is about timing and pitching is about upsetting timing” is the famous quote that sums up Ev very well.

90% of all hard contact in every study to date, including the entire 2017 Postseason, is created by pitches that are NOT Ev Efficient.  Only 10% of the hard contact in this past Postseason was ‘Earned’ by the hitters.  In other words, pitches with less than perfect deception.

Effective Velocity introduced the world of baseball to Ev Pitch Tunnels, the idea of pitches traveling in the same horizontal and vertical planes for at least 1/3 of the pitch flight.  This gives hitters the least amount of time to see, identify and react to pitches.  When pitchers learn to use Ev Tunnels and the 70 other deceptive traits, they become ‘Filthy’.  Downright Filthy Pitching Books 1, 2 & 3 were the first to define the modern metrics of ‘Deception’.  Getting Filthy – Implementing Effective Velocity is the latest of the book series and also is available in the online video format.

Words of Others

“Effective Velocity in its simplest form is a combination of a hitters perceived velocity and & how far a hitter has to move his bat to make contact.  The numbers that Perry Husband (Effective Velocity) was able to produce by studying a ridiculous amount of pitches gave a reason why pitchers need to establish their fastball and especially be able to pitch inside.” 

Doug Bernier, founder of Pro Baseball Insider.com.