EV Softball Pitching

Effective Velocity Softball Pitching

Effective Velocity (Ev) Softball Pitching is the only truly scientific pitching methodology in the game.  Ev Softball Pitching programs are best learned and implemented through our unique online video training and remote analysis process.  The very top pitchers in college softball, including Paige Parker, Paige Lowary and Rachel Garcia, have utilized the concepts of Ev pitch sequencing and pitch design.      

Paige Parker, University of Oklahoma

Since arriving at Oklahoma, Parker garnered four All-America honors, four Big 12 Pitcher of the Year awards and two NCAA championships, and was chosen the most outstanding player of the 2016 Women’s College World Series.

Her successful career with the Sooners is littered with historic accomplishments. From a 38 1/3 scoreless-innings streak her junior year, to an ERA of just 0.86 this season, Parker seems destined for success.

“To be honest, right now Paige Parker is the best pitcher in Oklahoma history,” said OU coach Patty Gasso.

“When thinking about setting up and attacking hitters, EV has allowed me so many opportunities to be a successful pitcher. Effective Velocity puts my mind at ease knowing that it allows me to have confidence in my pitches based off of reading hitters attention, using tunnels, and the science behind timing and effective velocity. Since utilizing Effective Velocity, I cannot imagine attacking hitters in any other way.” 

Paige Parker, Pitcher USSSA Pride

“One of the best things I have done as a coach was read “Downright Filthy Pitching”. Effective Velocity has challenged me and changed my way of thinking as a pitching coach. It has given our staff the ability to create tunnels, distort a hitter’s timing and minimize at-risk pitches. Through Perry Husband’s research we have the ability to increase and decrease a hitter’s reaction time by simply using the entire strike zone. EV has given our staff confidence to execute our game plans all season and win our third national championship. Thank you Perry for your guidance and support. #EvMindset”

Missy Lombardi
Pitching Coach University of Oklahoma
2013-2016-2017 National Champs

“Talking with Perry is an enjoyable learning experience every time. Effective Velocity is a higher level approach that allows pitchers to mix speeds effectively according to their strengths. He also has great drills to teach hitters to go hunting for pitches rather than just reacting. I respect how all his philosophies are backed by studies he’s done with MLB players to high school players.”

Kelly Inouye-Perez
Head Coach UCLA

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