Ev Liquid Analytics Pitching Membership


Effective Velocity Pitching Membership is a daily video message answering deep questions about the science of Ev. Hitter and pitcher strategy deep dives.  We will cover the most advanced strategies of maxing out each element that makes a pitcher Downright Filthy……………or NOT.  You will never look at pitching at the elite levels the same way.



‘Daily Video Messages’ from 10 to 20 minutes long and covering multiple Effective Velocity topics but with an organized order taking you through each Ev Liquid Analytic element.  Each video will dive into how Ev is being used or misused at the MLB level as well as learning to implement Ev into your game.  Monday through Friday every day, you will receive a video directly into your personal online locker.  Wake up to your Ev daily dose for the price of a cup of coffee.  $299 yearly price…………… the first 100 members will get it for 50% off or $149.

  • Breakdown of At Bats – detailed Ev perspective on exactly why things happen, with data to back it up.
  • Pitcher Profiles – pitchers that are struggling and pitchers having career seasons and ‘WHY’.
  • Hitter Profiles – detailed swing analysis explaining their success or failures from an Ev perspective.  The physical swing efficiency model in baseball is costing hitters things they aren’t aware of.
  • Game Planning Strategies of hitters show exactly what their game plan is.  We will find out how to know whether hitters sit pitches and how good they are at that skill set.  We can also build a mechanical & game plan weakness profile of hitters.  If you don’t know what your hunting, you can’t properly prepare your attack.
  • Strategic Analysis – Ev strategy being used by some of your favorite players, both hitting strategies and pitching approaches.  We’ll dive into some organizational/league-wide thought processes as well some collegiate models of swing efficiency as well as game planning/approach.
  • Studies – MLB studies are fascinating if you are a true student and help us explain the approach of players.  We will cover ‘Groundball Myths’ – Spin Rate studies – Pitch Type studies and many, many more.  Do you know if you believe the idea of low spin FB use at the bottom of the zone in a non-Ev way, you are creating harder hit groundballs as well as destroying most of your ability to be deceptive.
  • Occasional Rants.
  • Video Demos – proof or explanation videos proving key elements of Ev, including the missing mechanical flaws of hitters.


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