Getting Filthy Softball Specific – Implementing Effective Velocity Online Course


Implementing EV online course for fast-pitch softball pitchers/coaches/catchers – 10 sessions video based lessons/drills/descriptions of how to implement EV into
your game.  The top softball pitchers in the sport are
using Ev to attack hitters……….and it works.  


Getting Filthy Softball Specific – Implementing Ev Online Course – 11 sessions of elite level Softball Pitching Training.  Video lessons, drills and descriptions of how to implement Effective Velocity into the fast-pitch softball pitchers’ arsenal. There are voiced over PowerPoint video lessons when appropriate as well as detailed videos that will stay in your personal online locker indefinitely. There are no time limitations, access the information at your pace on your schedule.  Learn to create Ev Pitch Tunnels, Ev Speed & Location command and many other elements that add to pitcher deception, from the originator of pitcher deception metrics.

This program is designed to present each facet of Effective Velocity in a simple, easy to understand format for softball coaches and pitchers or catchers. Keep in mind that the catcher is a key player in the role of implementing Ev.   Ev, like math, is complex when you try to learn every level at once. This program breaks each element into bite sized portions, any one of which will elevate your understanding and performance of fast-pitch softball pitching.  Pitch Sequencing, Ev Pitch Design, Speed Control, Location Command, Understanding & Reading Hitters and much more.


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