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The Inner Circle Video Club is a monthly insiders view of Hitting. Detailed premium content videos sent out on Monday and Wenesday weekly.


Introducing the Inner Circle Video Club………… I have had a ton of requests to create an Inner Circle for many years now and there has never really been time to put that together, until now. Ev centric pitching and hitting videos sent directly to your personal online locker for storage as long as you like. There is also an optional link to have them sent directly to your smartphone. For those of you that only wish to receive all hitting videos or all pitching videos, you will have that option for only $29/monthly. There will be a discount if you choose to be an Ev Junky and get both for $39/monthly (introductory promo discounts available and described below). You will receive Ev Hitting videos on Monday & Wednesday mornings every week, with special bonus videos mixed in as questions come in from members.

Anyone serious about learning the inner nuances of Ev will love this new service. For those of you that will be taking advantage, for each month you remain a member in the first two years, you will get $1 credit towards any online course product for every $1 spent for the service. Example, spend $29 the first month and receive a $29 credit towards an online course of your choice. You can cancel at any time and take the credit earned and put it toward the online course of your choice. You will also receive a 20% discount on all Books, DVDs and other Ev products (not including any Chain training products and special events such as camps) as long as you are a ICV Club member.

Inner Circle Video Club includes the following types of videos:

  • Ev centric hitting & pitching studies
  • Detailed Video Analysis
  • Drill Videos
  • Ev Anecdotes of how it all started – who’s secretly ‘using’ Ev ? Many more topics will fall under this category…….Ev has a colorful past and a bright future and there is no end to the Ev Anecdotes
  • Questions from members answered in detail
  • Ev Filthy Ratings of players
  • Special video articles not available to the publish
  • Insights or as these videos will be called ‘Perspectives or the world as I see it – so this type of video can include some speculation or opinion – of course still based on studies and/or massive observation or trials.

Ev Softball is also coming very soon – so you can receive only ‘Softball Specific’ video content from some of the very best players and coaches in the sport.……………. Todd Budke, men’s fast pitch Hall of Fame and former Minnesota Twins minor league teammate, will contribute to the Softball Ev ICVC…………… For those that wish to start right away, you can begin with the baseball version and we can convert when it is ready to launch in the next few weeks.


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